Privacy policy

Personal data is any information that relates to an identifiable individual. When you create a TrustFinance user account, write a review, create a business account on behalf of your company, or otherwise use our platform, we may collect and process the following personal data about you:

Contact information:

Your name and email address or any other contact details you may provide to us from time to time.

Device and location information:

Your IP address, browser settings (the type of browser you use, browser language, time zone), and location.

User account information:

Your username, password, photo, location, and preferred language.

Business account information:

Your password, your company name and domain, and certain other information you choose to add to your business profile, such as details about the type of services your company offers.

Usage and h2rofiling information:

Your TrustFinance search history, how you’ve interacted with our platform, including the time you spend on our site, features or functions you’ve accessed, and links you’ve clicked.

Information about reviews and ratings, including:

The business which you reviewed.

The product which you reviewed.

Whether you wrote a service review, a location review, or a product review.

Your review content and star rating.

Your product photos or videos (if you provide them together with your product review).

The location of the business you reviewed.

Dates you write a review, edit, or delete the review.

Your reference number, order ID, or similar (if you or the business provided one).

If we ask you to provide information or documentation to verify your experience, and you send us such documentation, we will collect and process the documentation for the purpose/s stated in the request.

Information about views, likes, and how useful your review is for others: How many people read your review and how many people find your review “useful”. We also collect information if you click “useful” on someone else’s review.

Information about reports and replies to reviews from your business account: Your name, company details, the information you state in the reply to a review, which reviews you reported, the reason for the report, and the date of the report.

Your verification data:

Information about whether your user account or your business domain is verified (your verification badge).

Data provided during the verification process for consumers and verification process for businesses:

Your first and last name.

Images of the documents you submitted.

Number and date of expiry of the documents you submitted.

Information about questions you asked on a business’s website:

The business you ask the question.

The product you asked the question about.

The content of the question.

The date you asked the question.

The business’s response to the question.

Data provided via the “Find Reviewer” tool: Find Reviewer lets businesses reach out to reviewers to find out more information about them and their experiences. We collect the information that you decide to disclose to the business, including but not limited to your: full name, phone number, email address, and reference ID.

Preferences information: Selected preferences associated with your account, including specific consents you have given or declined, newsletters or similar email preferences, and cookies containing your preferences.

Communication information: Includes communications we receive from you such as review notifications, feedback, help requests and queries via email, and other electronic communication methods, as well as metadata associated with those communications, such as time and date.

Call recordings: All inbound and outbound telephone calls made to or by TrustFinance may be recorded for training, quality control, and compliance purposes. Personal data (for example, name and contact details) revealed during a telephone call will be digitally recorded to deliver appropriate services.

Information from other services, including social networks: You can connect your TrustFinance profile with your social media profiles, for example, Facebook (“social network”). When you do this, we automatically collect selected information about you from your social network, depending on what information you have made available on that social network and your privacy settings for sharing such information on that social network.

We may collect the following information:

Name and/or username

Email address

Profile photo

Your social connections before your request to connect your TrustFinance profile with a social network profile is carried out, you’ll be told which information we will collect from that social network. You can disconnect your social network profile from your TrustFinance profile via your TrustFinance account at any time. TrustFinance will then remove your social network unique ID, and disconnect/revoke TrustFinance from your social network. However, your social network profile picture will remain on your TrustFinance profile unless you change it and we will retain your name and email address.

We ask you not to share any sensitive personal documents or personal data with us, such as information revealing ethnic origin, religious beliefs, or health information, of yourself or others.


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