How TrustFinance Works?

TrustFinance has made it possible for anyone to write down information, everybody can review it without any exceptions.

Information from The Company

Companies can add their company information or request to adjust the incorrect information about their company to be corrected.They must approach us and obtain genuine confirmation that they are indeed those companies because it is generated by the company, and the information will have a high level of legitimacy.

Information from Users

Users can add unverified data about companies they are interested in Trustfinance. The data has a moderate level of trustworthiness, as it’s the information that the service user provides.

The Accuracy of Information

The accuracy of information is when their own companies request or confirm the information with us, Those data will be updated and confirmed as correct information. Users can trust the information that has been verified by us.

Disclosure of Negative Reviews

According to our company’s policies, we cannot block any reviews, even if they are harmful to those companies. Because we commit to the neutrality principle, we must share such information.

Protecting from Fake Reviews

With our system, we screen for fake reviews. As a result, there will be no reviews that suggest fraud for either party’s gain.

Neutral for Users and Companies

TrustFinance is neutral between users and companies. We do not take sides with both users and the Company to be a reliable platform for information disclosure and reviews.

How to Review on TrustFinance?

All TrustFinance users are free to review on our platform as long as they meet the conditions. About our terms, the review must be a review without overlapping business. All consumers can do the review by connecting their email to our accounts, and their reviews will show all users how they feel about those companies.


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